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301, Sheetal Varsha V, Shivranjani Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380 015.

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Email : mayurgvala@yahoo.co.in

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Working : Monday to Saturday : 11.00 am to 1.00 pm & 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm. I Sunday Closed. I Prior Appointment Require.

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About Spine Medicus Care Center

The Spine Care Center, a committed spine hospital for all-inclusive neck & back pain care in all kind of problems and health issues related to spinal cord and spinal column. We have industry's best team of spine specialist who work with one aim - to provide best care to the patients under the leadership of Dr. Mayur Vala Spine surgeon.

Dr. Mayur Vala - an Orthopedic Surgeon has specialized in Spine surgery and is currently one of the best spine surgeon in India due to the wide experience and knowledge he possess over years of hard dedicated practice. Dr. Mayur Vala's journey started with achieving his M.B.B.S. degree and Orthopedics practice under the supervision of one of the preeminent names in the field of Spine Surgery and Orthopedics - Dr. Rajnikant Naik in Ahmedabad.

Dr. Mayur Vala then started his devoted and committed practice in the same field while leaning himself thoroughly in the areas of laser spine surgeries and spine problem treatments. Over the years Dr. Mayur Vala practiced hard around the world to gain more & more knowledge and earn vital experience in the field of spine surgeries with just one aim - to serve the humanity by being India's one of the most talented spine surgeon.

In the year 2008, Dr. Mayur Vala, the best spine surgeon in Ahmedabad, underwent the fellowship in advanced spine surgeries under the supervision and guidance of Germany's prominent pioneer in development of concept of segmental fixations in spine - Prof. Dr. Med. Jurgen Harms. During the stay at Karlsbad, Dr. Mayur Vala gained expertise in various novel sections of spine surgery, some of which are quite hard to find in India, including segmental Fixation in Spine, Anterior and Posterior Spine Surgeries including Transthoracic, Retroperitoneal Lumber, Transperitoneal Lumber, Surgeries at Thoracolumber Junction by Thoraco-Diaphragmato-Lumbotomy, Posterior Cervical Spine Surgeries including Cervical Laminectomy, PLIF, ALIF, Anterior Cervical Spine Surgeries, Cervical Foraminotomy, Lateral Mass and Pedicle Fixation of Subaxial Cervical Spine, Pedile Fixation of Thoracic Spine, C1-C2 Fixation with Screw and Rod System, Deformity Correction, Cervico-occipital Fixation, Surgeries for Spinal Tumors, Artificial Disc Replacement of Cervical and Lumber Region, etc

With years of hard practice and devotion blended well with commitment, Dr. Mayur Vala has earned expertise as best ortho spine surgeon in the following -

1)  Best Spine Surgeon in India                    2]  Best Spine Surgeon in Sateliite            3)  Best Spine Surgeon in Ahmedabad         

4)  Best Spine Surgeon in Gujarat                5)  Orthopedic Spine Surgeon                   6)  Scoliosis Surgery      

 6)  Back - Pain Surgery                                7)  Sciatica                                                    8)  Slipped Disc Surgery     

9)  Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery        10)  Key-Hole Spine Surgery  

More details Please Visite our Website :  http://www.spine-surgeon.in/

Dr. Mayur G. Vala is a renowned as one of the top spine surgeons in India. He has trained himself to provide his best which make him distinguish as best orthopedic spine surgeons.

Spine Medicus, the spine surgery center in Ahmedabad is a result of vision of Dr. Mayur Vala to combine all of his vital experience and knowledge of the field to use it for only one purpose - to serve humanity. Today Spine Medicus offers world's best Spine Surgery and Orthopaedics services but at rates which are in the means of each and every person since Dr. Mayur Vala wishes to remove the bars of money for quality treatment.

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