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Shop No :- G-2, Chandan Complex, Nr. Vashukanan Tower , Nr. K.K Nagar Road , Ghatlodiya, Ahmedabad - 380061,

Person : Dr . Jyoti Patel (B.H.M.S., D.

Mobile : 9879512397

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Category : Homeopathic Doctor

Working : Patient will not be Available Without an Appointment. Please take Appointment.

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About Satva Homeopathic Clinic

Satva Homeopathic Clinic is Know Name for homeopathic treatment in the Ahmadabad city.Dr.Jyoti Have Studied in reputed institutes in the medical space and she has carved a niche in the field with a personal drive to offer better service to the patients, the doctor makes conscious effort at every step of the way.Satva Homeopathic Clinic has constantly engaged in studies and discussion related to this field in particular and by doing so has kept abreast with the latest inventions and progress made in this Field of medicine. With every passing year, lifestyles changes and because of this there is a need for more refined and accurate treatment Satva Homeopathic Clinic and our doctor aims to give the patients ways by which they can improve their health status and heal from the health challenges they face in their daily life.

 The Clinic located in a prime area at Ghatlodia .One can find it easily to spot the place as it is on K.K.Nagar Road in Ghatlodia

Satva Homoeopathic Clinic at Ghatlodia is Know to treat a range of ailments since 2013 anyone can consult the doctor for homeopathic treatment of any kind of diseases and for person of any age One can consult the doctor for pediatric complains, Geriatric Complains (Complains Of Old Age ), respiratory  Complains, neurological complains, psychiatric complains, Gastric Complains , orthopedic complains ,Skin problem , Life Style diseases , and women can also consult for their Gynecological problems. At Satva homeopathic Clinic we serve our best Services to heal from diseases, to prevent disease and for boost up your immunity,

Services offered by Satva Homeopathic Clinic:-     Homeopathic treatment for 

Bed Wetting Homeopathic , ADHD Homeopathic , Hyperactivity Homeopathic , Menopausal Problem Homeopathic , Hormonal Changes Homeopathic ,Menses Related Problems , Homeopathic , Infertility Homeopathic , Uterine tumour Homeopathic , PCOD Homeopathic , Gas - Acidity Homeopathic , Fissure - Fistula Homeopathic , Stone Kidney & abdomen Homeopathic, Depression Homeopathic , Anxiety Disorder Homeopathic , Allergic Problems Homeopathic , Asthma Homeopathic . B.P. Homeopathic ,Diabetes Homeopathic , Thyroid Homeopathic , Weight Gain - Loss Homeopathic ,Cancer Treatment For Homeopathic , Migraine Homeopathic , Arthritis homeopathic , Hair Problem Homeopathic , Acne - Pimples Homeopathic

• Pediatric Complains like  - Bed wetting , teething troubles , recurrent cold - cough - fever tonsillitis , asthmatic attacks , Bronchitis, worm troubles , ADHD , Hyperactivity ,etc

• For Women ( Gynaec  complains) like periods related problems, menopausal troubles, hormonal changes, PCOD ,Uterine tumour,breast tumour , problems after & during delivery, problem during pregnancy ,infertility, etc.

• Gastric complains like old dysentry , Gas - acidity , constipation, hermorrhoids,fissure , Fistula , ulcers in mouth , stomach, pancreatic stone , jaundice, Irritable bowel syndrome ,GERD etc.....

• Urinary Complains like recurrent infection in urine kidney / bladder stone, Kidney problems, etc

• Respiratory Complains like allergy, rhinitis, recurrent cold - cough, asthma .bronchitis, nosal polyp, DNS, Sinusitis etc........

• Bones related complains like joint pain, arthritis, osteo arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain , Sciatica , cervical spondilitis etc....

• Skin Complains Like Psoriasis , itching ,ringworm , Fungal infection, urticaria,pimples -Acne, white spots, Hair Fall , alopecia ,warts, depigmentation, hyper pigmentation etc..

• Psychiatric Problems like Depression, Stress, Schizophrenia, Sleeplessness, anxiety disorder, Anger, Obsessive Compulsive disorder etc.

• Life Style Diseases Like Blood Pressure , high Cholesterol , diabetes , thyroid , weight gain (obesity ) , epilepsy , weight ,cancer -tumour ,auto immune Diseases etc.....

• Genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome, autism, ADHD etc.

• Prevention for -cancer, diabetes, chiken guniya, swine-flu, dengue, malaria,

• Treatment for boost up. immunity and stay healthy.

• One can visit the doctor during week days .Doctor will not be available without an appointment prior appointment is necessary to visit the clinic.

•  Fees Payment can be done by cash or pay tm or phone pe .

• In case of any queries or for further inquiry, you can get in touch with clinic directly on Following numbers +91 9879512397

• For Patients Convenience:-  Satva Homeopathic Clinic Offer the patients service at the clinic place as well as telephone or online consultation also availabe,Many have review the doctor's treatment to be highly effective


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